Classical Five-Element Acupuncture recognizes that our health and wellbeing are affected by the state of our mind, our emotions and our spirits. When we experience stressors of any kind, our immune system is affected and we may get injured, feel sick, suffer from depression, and generally find life more difficult. Therefore, five-element acupuncture treats more than just physical symptoms, it also treats the whole person -- body, mind and spirit.

Five-element acupuncture is unique because it not only treats symptoms, but also looks for the root cause of disease or imbalance. Treatments are designed according to the unique needs of an individual patient. Working in harmony with the laws of nature, five-element acupuncture stimulates the body’s own natural healing response and brings about balance at a deep level.

Welcome! If you are looking for help with your health and well-being you are in the right place. Classical Five-Element Acupuncture treats not only your physical symptoms but has a profound effect on the emotional, mental and spirit levels. It can relieve pain, facilitate healing, ease emotional distress and lift the spirits.

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"Margaret Olmsted has been my acupuncturist for about five years. She has helped me with the circumstances of aging including neuropathy that disturbs my balance and strength. Also, I appreciated her counsel as I dealt with family tragedy. I am grateful for her skills and understanding."
- Jean Campbell, artist

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